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Who We Are

In 2004, OSARR and PRB consolidated their efforts to form one organization with the intent of combining resources to better serve their members. This union marked the beginning of a new era in organizational collaboration in service to Rhode Island's developmental disability community. Out of that consolidation was born the Community Provider Network of Rhode Island.

Our Mission

  • To support members in assuring the highest standards of quality service
  • To coordinate and promote staff development and training as requested by members
  • To influence the direction and shape of services through information sharing with state and federal agencies and grassroots political action
  • To strengthen communication among members and speak with a collective voice on issues of common interest
  • To acquire cost effective benefits and services for all its members
  • To share information, resources, and knowledge

Our Priorities


  • CPNRI will assist member agencies in identifying, assessing and managing risk through all aspects of their business.
  • CPNRI will provide leadership in articulating and imbedding our core values, publicly and in our daily operations, as the key component of the work we do.
  • CPNRI will actively shape public policy through the effective use of political and marketing tools.
  • CPNRI will develop strategies to create a strong, educated workforce that will provide stability and long-term viability of the member agencies.

Community Provider Network of Rhode Island 110 Jefferson Blvd., Suite A Warwick, Rhode Island 02888
Phone: (401) 773-7771  Fax: (401) 773-7775