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CPNRI Member Purchasing

Can you think of something that you or your organization would like to save money on? Chances are that CPN is one step ahead of you!

CPN continues to grow its Group Purchasing Programs for members, and in the coming year, they expect to add a variety of new cost-saving vendor relationships. With its combined member organizations, CPN has substantial purchasing power. We offer discount programs for CPN members on a wide range of goods and services. While some of the cost savings are applicable to organizations only, there are many discounts available to agency staff as well.

Group Purchasing


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If you would like more information on CPN's purchasing programs, or if you have an idea for a product or service that members would like, please contact Donna Martinat:
Group purchasing has always been a good idea for big items like health insurance and worker's compensation plans. But now we're able to offer a range of everyday items. Savings on cell phones, heating oil and electricity are very popular.

Discount plans currently in place, or in the works, include office supplies, auto repair, tires, paper goods, janitorial supplies and health club memberships. Members say, "It used to be that we'd have to go to the Yellow Pages to source a lot of the things we need. But now, we can save money by coordinating our purchases, and developing the right vendor relationships."

Current Services

  • Home Heating & Oil Service
  • Cell Phones
  • Business Telephones
  • Internet Services
  • Medical Nutritional Products
  • Janitorial / Paper Goods
  • Automotive Service & Tires
  • Promotional Products
  • Case Management Software
  • YMCA
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