$160 Million Medicaid Investment Finalized

On Monday, June 17 Governor Dan McKee made a monumental investment official. The new state budget includes a $160 million investment in services impacts people with disabilities, seniors, children, families and more.

This investment will help in two main areas:

  1. Access to Services – Everyone who needs support should be able to receive it.
  2. Increase Pay for Staff – After years of stagnant wages, professionals will see the well-deserved benefit of recent investments.

“These historic investments in Medicaid services will change the lives of children and adults with disabilities and elders in our Rhode Island community,” said Marissa Ruff, Seven Hills Foundation Vice President. “This investment will directly impact children with disabilities and their families by creating better access to programs and more consistent staffing opportunities. Thank you to members of the House and Senate, and to Speaker Shekarchi and ​Senate President Ruggerio for demonstrating their commitment to children and adults with disabilities in Rhode Island. We are committed to serving the disability community in Rhode Island and we will ensure that this investment is one that we as a state can be proud of, and one that will produce critical outcomes that will change lives.”

Legislative leaders have prioritized Medicaid Services; specifically disability services over the last several years. In 2022, rate reform was pass to create a long-term funding model so moments like this could happen. In 2023, short-term investments were made to catchup on years of disinvestment. And now, rate reform has been fully funded as the largest single-year Medicaid investment in Rhode Island history.

It was not too long ago that services that were in despair. Today, a LOT of work remains to get to where we need to be. But now, services are entering a state of repair.

“Legislative leaders have delivered in a significant manner for thousands of Rhode Islanders. This investment sets a system in crisis on a clear path to repair. We are thankful that our state leaders are investing in a future where anyone, regardless of ability, can thrive,” said Grace Duffy, CPNRI Policy Coordinator. “Our legislative leaders have listened to the needs of hundreds of Rhode Islanders and have responded in a historic way. Our work is far from finished and we look forward to working with leaders to ensure these services are top of mind in every legislative session.”

Thank you to the tireless advocates who played a huge role in making this possible. We are making a difference in the lives of thousands of Rhode Islanders.