Accessible Housing Bill Heard By Senate

A bill to improve accessible housing in Rhode Island is gaining traction. On Thursday night, the Senate Municipal Government and Housing Committee heard testimony on SB 2186.

The bill would implement subtle and important design changes to affordable housing developments. This would allow thousands of Rhode Islanders, including those with disabilities and seniors, to live more inclusively in our state.

Marissa Ruff, Seven Hills of RI Vice President, says this bill would make meaningful changes:

"This bill would allow for changes in housing to make it more accessible for people with disabilities. People with disabilities have the right to have access to a home as everyone else would have."


The bill was held for further study. Both the House Bill (7063) and Senate Bill (2186) have now be heard by a committee and held for further study. CPNRI has heard positive feedback about the bill and is optimistic about it’s future. We will continue to work with lawmakers, community members and more to get this passed.

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