Advocates Push For Funding of Disability Services & More

Advocates are asking state lawmakers for full funding of services that impact Rhode Islanders with disabilities, seniors, children and more. Senate Bill 2553 would secure a long-term funding model for services that impact thousands of Rhode Islanders. On Tuesday night, the Senate Finance Committee heard from advocates who said fully funding rate reform would impact thousands of lives.

See below for a timeline to get you up to speed:

Grace Duffy, CPNRI Advocacy & Policy Coordinator, testified that the bill would prevent against a dangerous precedent.  

"Funding only a fraction of the suggested rates sets a troubling precedent, and undermines the intent of the rate review process. To do so will set Rhode Island fall further behind our neighboring states in reimbursement rates. Such a scenario will only exacerbate the staff turnover we are seeing, as workers trying to make a living in this industry move to find jobs in Massachusetts, where they can make more money to support themselves and their families."
Grace Duffy

CPNRI expects the House Bill (7591) to be heard in the next couple of weeks and your advocacy will play huge role in its future.


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