Become a disability ally

We need more disability allies.

Disability allies are people who are ready to learn, listen and support.

We think the photo below from the CDC does a good job explaining what it means to be an ally:

Or, as this article puts it, amplifying the voice of people with disabilities by lowering yours in a meaningful way.

Being a disability ally is an action and commitment to support everyone to live the most inclusive life possible. It is being ready to listen, advocate with others at legislative events and eliminate barriers to inclusive living.

If you want to learn how to be a better ally, this article by a person with a disability is a great place to start.

Inspiring change

At CPNRI, we have led legislative progress at the State House by amplifying the voices of those impacted the most.

We have provided resources on our website and social media.

We have fought and made progress towards real, meaningful change.

However, we believe we can and will do more.

This is why we are excited to introduce a new texting community: Text INCLUSION to 401-200-3025 to join. Or, just scan the QR code below.

Our community

We will use this community to provide resources, alert you to legislative events, release educational materials and more. Once you join, you can also text us feedback on what you want us to text more or less.

Data and messaging rates may apply. Terms and conditions apply.

This is our first time running a texting community and we will work hard to make it worth your time. We will be looking for your feedback to make this a more inclusive community and hope to provide value.

Together, we will create change.

Have a friend you think should join? Send them this link and they can sign up. Or, just have them text INCLUSION to 401-200-3025.

We look forward to having you join our disability ally network.