CPNRI Launches New Website

Welcome to our brand new website!

In the last two years, we redesigned our logo and modernized our colors. This left our website in need of a refresh and improved functionality. Here is what we think you will find:

  • 👀 A New Look – If you visited our previous site, you will notice this new site is completely redesigned and modernized. It looks and feels like it belongs in 2024
  • 📈 Improved Functionality – We have reduced the amount of tabs you need to click on to learn who we are, what we do and how you can get involved.
  • 🆕 New Resources – Easy-to-find materials including which of providers offer select services, new advocacy materials and events.

“We set out to create a new website that represents what CPNRI stands for as an organization. A website is not just a digital presence. It is a gateway to our mission, values and to make sure people know about the importance of disability services. I think we managed to achieve that. I am proud of the team’s work on this and look forward to your feedback.”

-Tina Spears, CPNRI Executive Director

This project has been in the works for months. We received valuable feedback along the way from the CPNRI Team, our members and a Website Workgroup.

“This new website is another building block in CPNRI’s new look. This new site gives us a foundation to build upon. We already have features we look forward to adding in the near and long-term future. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy a vastly improved website that represents the work we and our providers do.”

-Nick Friend, CPNRI Director of Communications

We hope you like our new home. 💚


See any issues with the new website? Please contact us.