Monopoly Features CPNRI on Newport Edition

CPNRI is thrilled to share that we will be featured on Monopoly’s brand new Newport Edition launching today! 

After months of keeping this exciting news under wraps, we are so excited to finally be able to share it with you. 

The board features nearly two dozen local businesses, monuments and one nonprofit – CPNRI! You can find us on the first community chest square (right passed GO). 

Not only is this a fun surprise, but it holds an important message. One in four Rhode Islanders have a disability so this representation is important and necessary.

“Every conversation, product and board game should include people with disabilities,” says Tina Spears, CPNRI Executive Director. “The Monopoly Newport Edition has a subtle and important nod to our neighbors, friends and families with disabilities. We are proud to be a part of this board and hope it inspires larger discussions of inclusion across our State.”

“CPNRI has worked hard for decades to include people with disabilities in our communities. Over the last handful of years, we have ramped up our efforts to ensure disability is a part of every conversation. This board does this in a big way,” says Nick Friend, CPNRI Communications Director.

Through our presence on this game board, we aim to make sure people with disabilities are always included.

The board is available to purchase through CPNRI for $40. Just contact us if you are interested.