One Year Later: Remembering Judy Heumann

In March of 2023, the disability community lost a leader.

Judy Heumann was a lifelong advocate, pioneer and thought leader. She dedicated her life to progress and that’s exactly what she achieved. In 1990, Judy’s leadership was pivotal in the passage of The American with Disabilities Act (ADA). She also played a pivotal role in other legislation including the passage of Section 504, IDEA and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Judy’s impact led to her becoming an internationally recognized leader of disability rights. She was featured in Netflix’s Crip Camp documentary in 2020.

The CPNRI Team spoke with Judy during a Zoom call last year. She remained committed to progressing disability rights. Her impact will live on for decades to come.

We think the below 2020 PBS News Hour feature on Judy is a great way to remember her life and legacy.

Judy Heumann (December 1947 – March 2023)