Teen author publishes a book about living with down syndrome

Mia Armstong is a 13 year old girl with down syndrome who recently published her first book titled I Am a Masterpiece!

Her children’s book focuses on her own life experiences living with down syndrome. She emphasizes treating people with kindness and the importance of inclusivity.

She says, “I want to inspire people living with and without disabilities to love their own stories and be proud of who they are.”

Mia’s mother, Cara Armstrong, co-authored the book and wants to help people who are unfamiliar with down syndrome better understand the disability. Her and Mia both agree that patience and persistence is key to create change. 

“It’s a privilege to raise a child with Down syndrome,” Cara says to Mia. “You inspire me everyday because you never give up and you live in the moment.”

Mia’s favorite thing about writing is being able to teach people the lessons she has learned in her own life. She hopes to publish more books in the near future. 

This article has information from CBS News and Publishers Weekly.