Apple releases new updates for users with disabilities 

Apple is introducing new accessibility features for people with disabilities.

The most notable update is something that will change the experience for thousands of people. A new eye-tracking technology is now available on iPads and iPhones. This allows users to control various software elements, like apps and navigation, using only their eye movements through the front-facing camera.

Vocal Shortcuts will also be introduced, enabling users to perform tasks by making custom sounds.

A live captioning feature is set to be added to FaceTime and other apps to support people with hearing impairments.

Additional updates include text magnifiers, improved Braille control and text editing and finger-tap gesture recognition.

All of the data generated while using these updates will remain on the device, ensuring user privacy and safety.

“We believe deeply in the  transformative power of innovation to enrich lives,” says the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. “We’re continuously pushing the boundaries of technology, and these new features reflect our long-standing commitment to delivering the best possible experience to all of our users.”

The updates are expected to be released in the next couple of months.

This article has information from Apple and DisabilityScoop.