Google Invests Millions into Disability Community

Google is investing in inclusive education, a new fellowship program and more as the tech giant continues to improve its accessibility.

Accessibility Fund

Google is investing $5 million into a fund that will support nonprofits making coding and computer science education more inclusive to students with disabilities. The money will be distributed through the Block Accessibility Fund.

Fellowship Program

Google is starting a new six-month fellowship program for influencers with disabilities. The Google Rising Influencer with Disabilities program will cover skills for digital creators, lessons from industry thought leaders and direct connection with the Google team. It will also include mentorship from six social media stars with disabilities. The fellowship will include 15 people from the United States and Canada.

Accessibility Centers

Google is also launching another Google Accessibility Discovery Centre. These locations are meant to give people a place to learn about the latest accessibility products and listen to feedback from the community. The company opened its first location in London, England followed by another in Dublin, Ireland. Now Google will be opening a third location in Zurich, Switzerland.

Google Maps Improvement

The GPS app is receiving a major accessibility update which includes more options for screen readers. There are also new detailed voice guidance and a new wheelchair icon on desktop computers to indicate if a location is wheelchair accessible.

Google is continuing to work on future accessibility improvements.

This article has information from Disability Scoop and Google