Lawmakers pushing to pass pivotal legislation; hearings expected within weeks

Providers for people with disabilities need long-term, sustainable solutions to long-lasting problems. For years, stagnant Medicaid reimbursement rates have plagued providers’ ability to hire staff to support people with disabilities.

Now, two bills in the Rhode Island legislature have the potential to change the future of disability care.

S2311 & H7180 create a rate setting process that would result in much-needed systemic change.

In the senate, all 38 senators have signed on to support the bill. However, it has not passed yet.

The two legislators leading the charge, Sen. Lou DiPalma and Rep. Julie Casimiro, recently wrote this in the Providence Journal:

“Imagine worrying about an elderly parent who is receiving far less care than their condition requires. Imagine worrying about a child or family member with an addiction problem because the support services they rely upon to survive are unavailable. And imagine the anxiety and fear of parents with children who have disabilities and who are on waiting lists for the service they need to thrive. All of these scenarios are occurring daily for too many of our residents and something needs to change.”

Read Sen. DiPalma and Rep. Casimiro’s full op-ed in the Providence Journal by clicking here.

This legislation can not wait. Our providers and the people they serve depend on it.

In the upcoming weeks, the Senate and House are expected to hear testimony on this legislation. Your support will send a clear message to lawmakers that this can not wait any longer.

While specific dates have yet to be announced, stay with CPNRI for updates and how you can help in the near future. #StableWorkforceStableLives