Our Year in Pictures & Videos | 2023

This year was monumental for us. From a new logo to a new office and some incredible moments at the State House, this community reached new heights.

Our 2023 Annual Report will be released early next year. In the meantime, here is our year in pictures and videos — the photo and videos that the CPNRI Team picked to best illustrate each month of our year. Enjoy!


An incredibly busy start to 2023:

  • We moved into our new home in North Kingstown, providing us a physical space for our members and community.
  • We also hosted our largest leadership conference at Rhode Island College.


We produced more than a dozen videos with our member agencies this year. This one is among our favorites. The bond between this father and daughter was a special story to tell. Thank you to the J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center for letting us tell this story.


We lost a true icon in March. Known as the mother of the disability rights movements, Judy Heumann’s legacy will last for generations to come.

PBS NewsHour honored Judy with a touching tribute through her own words that can be viewed here.


Our year at the State House was highlighted by over 250 people advocating for continued investments in people with disabilities. A true sign of the impact this community can have.


Work continued at the State House to increase funding for our neighbors with disabilities.


Our year at the State House concluded with a $77 million investment for adults with disabilities. Another step in the right direction with a lot more work to do. Read more here.


Another one of our favorite videos of the year featuring a ride-share program that is changing lives. A reminder of the importance of the work our members do every day.


A truly incredible conference focused on leadership, advocacy and DEIAB. Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope to see you at future conferences in 2024.


Our 35th Annual Direct Support Professional (DSP) Celebration was a blast. Read more about the event here.


Our biggest partnership video yet! In collaboration with CVS, Avatar and AccessPoint we highlighted what disability employment can look like.


In November we took the leap into highlighting stories through writing…and you loved it! This article on how people with disabilities are being hired to support people with disabilities is our most-read blog post of the last two years. Thank you Looking Upwards, Emma and Annette for letting us tell this important story.


In December we are taking time to reflect on the year that it has been and prepare for new and continuing projects in 2024. We are proud of the progress made this year and ready to lead the way for more.

-CPNRI Team 💚