A Guide To Disability Services | Pathways to Possibilities

One in six families are raising a child with a developmental disability or delay. Navigating the available support can be overwhelming and feel like learning a new language. What is PASS? What is Respite? The terms and acronyms can be difficult to understand.

Welcome to Pathways to Possibilities, a two-part video series designed to demystify the landscape of children services.

In part one, A Guide to Disability Services, we offer a clear, accessible guide to service options. Turning complex terms into plain language. So, here is our guide to children disability services in Rhode Island:

These videos were produced in collaboration with three providers of services – The Groden Network, Momentum and the Frank Olean Center. The videos were also peer-reviewed by additional agencies.

If these services could be helpful to you and your child, please visit our disability service timeline (scroll down) to find a provider near you. Our providers can answer your questions and provide you with the best next steps.

Part two of Pathways to Possibilities explores the personal stories and real-life impact of children services. Every year, thousands of lives our changed. From families to children and the workers themselves.

If you have questions or feedback, please contact us. Together, let’s explore the possibilities and create a brighter future for every child. 💚