Changing the Future of Disability Services | Rate Reform

In 2022, CPNRI led the effort to pass long-term funding for services to people with disabilities. After decades of a lack of investment, it was time to catchup. Waitlists were growing, staff turnover rates were high and as a result people were not getting care. Significant progress was made by passing rate reform. A process that occurs every two years to review the rates providers of services get reimbursed.

Fast forward to 2024, the process isn’t being followed as intended. Here’s a quick timeline to get you up to speed:

All of the above numbers are general revenue.

If providers of services get compensated fairly then employees wages will increase which will stabilize retention and have a direct impact of those receiving services.

This legislation impacts thousands of Rhode Islanders from people with disabilities, seniors, children, families and people with behavioral health conditions and substance use. It’s time to pass these bills to fulfill the intent of what was passed two years ago.