CPNRI Pushes To Make Housing More Accessible

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April 23, 2024

As our world becomes more centered around technology, new problems arise. The U.S. Department of Justice is making changes.


April 10, 2024

An inside look at what the future of housing could look like.
Advocates are pushing for full funding of services that impact Rhode Islanders with disabilities, seniors, children and more.


March 26, 2024

See the report and a behind-the-scenes look at our process.


March 21, 2024

In 2022, CPNRI led the effort to pass long-term funding for services to people with disabilities.Fast forward to 2024, the process isn’t being followed as intended. Here’s what you should know:


March 14, 2024

The bill would implement subtle and important design changes to affordable housing developments. This would allow thousands of Rhode Islanders, including those with disabilities and seniors, to live more inclusively in our state.


February 26, 2024

In the last two years, we redesigned our logo and modernized our colors. This left our website in need of a refresh and improved functionality.


January 23, 2024

On Thursday night, the House Municipal Government and Housing Committee heard testimony on HB 7063.


December 20, 2023

This year was monumental for us. From a new logo to a new office and some incredible moments at the State House, this community reached new heights.


October 17, 2023

After months of hard work and collaboration, CPNRI is super excited to release our disability employment-focused video in collaboration with CVS!


September 19, 2023

On Thursday night, 250+ people gathered to celebrate the people who empower those with disabilities. In total, 23 of Rhode Island's best Direct

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